V.I.P Cannabis Clubs Pack

Membership into ALL Cannabis Clubs on Our Website

VIP Pack

Designed to save you money on membership fees

Membership as normal into ALL Cannabis Clubs on our website. Designed to help you save money on all the membership fees if you want to visit more that 1 cannabis club in Tenerife. Memberships are valid for 1 year as normal. You will have the details so you can go whenever you are ready. Yes although you have to choose a day and time, this does not matter, go when you are ready. Your membership for the clubs will start when you get to the club and register with your QR Code and official identification and they give you your membership card/s.

It is important you check the age requirements for each club before choosing, most clubs are 18+ but a few clubs have age rules of 21+

Need Official Identification in Each club to register.

You can find all the main details and information on the clubs, like age and opening times etc… from our Cannabis Clubs page, click the button below to book your VIP Pack. You´ll immediately receive your unique membership QR code which you must show to each club upon arrival, this is also your invitation… they will scan the QR code and register you on their system as normal. 

A second e-mail will then follow with the names of the clubs, locations as well as video directions just in case you can´t find them. You can´t go wrong, but just in case, our staff are available on our hotline number below, and in the e-mails we send you – Call us and our team in Tenerife will assist you immediately… enjoy.

€100 | Per Person