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Weed Tenerife
Average rating:  
 134 reviews
 by Kevin mckenna

Nice place and bice people would recommend visiting this place¹

 by Shaun

Staff very knowledgeable and friendly. Prices in line with everywhere similar. Beautiful venue as well

 by Rodrigo Magno
Great place

I really happy with this place… the staff was very gentle and he gave me all the support ; de quality is amazing

 by Sapph
Adeje Club – Super helpfuli Info

Very helpful and insightful. Was also super easy to register with clear directions and small notes on etiquette. I always love when some thought is put into that last bit. It makes all the difference for a good experience where different customs and laws are involved. Thanks!

 by Helgi
Good s##t

Fkn like this club, good service and good quality.

 by Kitty
The best

Became a member in the Las Americas area, best smoke in a while!
I didn’t receive a membership card, when I return am I good to just show my initial email? Deffo looking to return on my next Tenerife visit!

Thanks… Yes keep your e-mail membership QR code safe, and take identification when you return.

 by Hawi

It was great everything was perfect. I highly recomend visiting las americas it makes my stay even better;) thanks

 by Leanne Naylor
Frigging awesome….

The prices and quality of items are spot on. I tried biscoit and orange cake herbs. Both divine in taste and flavour. However the biscoit takes the winner. It literally blew my mind. Raspberry edibles were delicious.

 by Yael
Thank You!

An amazing help for my visit in Tenerife.
Thank you so much, my God bless your heart and soul for all the help ☺️

 by Katelin and David
Amazing bud, Amazing atmosphere

All the staff were lovely, welcoming and helpful.
Would definitely go again, the process was really easy to become a member and the smoke was top quality.
Will visit again next trip!

 by John

Became a member of this place, excellent service, all very straight forward and a very good selection on offer.

 by Sam

Best coffee shop on island !

 by Lee
Las americas

Hassle free from start to finish 🤘 great friendly atmosphere soooo chilled best selection of hash I’ve seen since the dam man 🙌 I’m 52 been smoking since I was 15 and this is absolutely the way forward , it’s the future man 🙏

 by Lolo
Gelato Sunset Tour – Super Chill

Incredibly nice guide on the Gelato Sunset Tour, took us to some special spots not even on the route with breathtaking views around the mountain. Just a really chill experience, would 100% do again.

 by DR
Easy and worked well!

Fast response to payment with qr code in email, great video with directions and instructions for the club, place was fantastic with varied product, all looked top quality! Flight was delayed and thought would miss appointment, but support number picked up phone and provided helpful advice and support. Thanks for making a great trip even better!

No worries my friend, you´re very welcome, yes it´s very important we have the hotline number, we all need support sometimes. see you soon take care.

 by RB
Fantastic Views – Gelato Sunset Tour

Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable tour guide, beautiful views *above the clouds* (honestly this is worthwhile even as a non-weed tour – but trying out a dab at the club at the end certainly added to the experience!) Would thoroughly recommend! (Took this tour in October 2022)

 by pete
most excellant

Great staff, I’m an old bloke and I must say the quality is superb and the choice of products is vast. You will not be disappointed with this club. the uk has a lot to learn from these people. 100/100

 by Not saying
Smoke tour

They let me down last minuet after Ide just payed €20+ in a cab to get to a hotel for pick up and haven’t refunded me my money or given me the money for the cab which I was told will be refunded aswel

Yes we are very sorry about that. As we explained on the phone that we had a cancelation, we had yourself and 2 other people (a couple) that was booked for the Gelato Sunset tour, the other 2 people canceled only 1 hour before the tour was due to start, we cannot run a tour with 1 person, we are very sorry about that. However this is normal when you book tours, sometimes they get cancelled due to bad weather, Calima, car broken down, cancelations, boat problems, rough seas… it goes on my friend. Also, as we explained on the phone… if I remember correctly you were moaning that you have just got into a taxi from Las Americas on your way to your hotel for the pickup for the tour. Right… the deposit you pay online to book the tour is 20€, this actually covers your membership fee in the club (the tour includes the membership fee into a club so you can go to the club as soon as you arrive on the island, or whenever you choose in the booking form when you book the tour… are you with me) someone has to pay this to the club? We only ask a 20€ deposit for the tour and pay the rest at the start of the tour… the 20€ is the clubs money for their membership fee, what you pay at the start of the tour (if the tour does not run then you have not paid anything except your membership fee) is the tour guides money. We do this because some people are “no shows”, the are not at the pickup point when we go to pick them up and they haven´t answered their phone all day.Correct me if I´m wrong, we contact you to confirm the exact pickup time and everything, we were all ready to go until we received a cancelation 1 hour before, we were let down, you were let down, the whole world ended, yes we know.After you complained that the world had just ended and you had to get a taxi and.. ok – so I was the person you spoke to on the phone, I offered to refund you the deposit that you paid for the tour (which is your membership fee – you went to the club no problem there, but you do not mention that here, ok) – we have never done this, someone has to pay the club the membership fee, you are the first. Believe it or not we do not make money from our website, we do not make money from the tours either, we have a tour guide that does that for us, you pay him, he pays fuel, your food and drinks, and maybe rent a 7 seater or a van, he does not pay us, we are consultants and we make money from other things, investments and medical cannabis cultivation for export… etc. The website is a non profit community thing.Anyway… let me see, I had to check… on the 3rd of October we spoke on the phone when the tour was supposed to run, and I kindly agreed that we would refund your deposit / membership fee and we will pay the club out of our own pocket, to cover your taxi fair. I remember explaining this to you. I also remember telling you that I will initiate the refund today and you must allow 5 – 10 working days for it to show in your bank, so that was on the 3rd, and now we are on the 6th you leaving a lovely review saying that we haven´t refunded you your money etc.I´m not sure… but i´m trying not judge, however I have to tell you straight… You can´t count, you can´t spell, you´re crying like a baby, mate I have processed your refund (wish i didn´t now ´cause we are minus 20€ for your membership fee.) I repeat PLEASE ALLOW 5-10 WORKING DAYS FOR YOUR REFUND TO SHOW IN YOUR BANK. Thank you so much for the 1 star, our overall rating was 5/5 now it´s probably 4.5/5… a totally clean record ruined, well that´s life you know, s**t happens, smoke a fat one and be happy to just be here.

 by Marina
Adeje club is AMAZING!!!

Registration was easy. Very friendly stuff.
Amazing place. Best quality I’ve tasted in long time !
Looking forward coming back!
Keep the awesome job you’re doing . Thanks for everything ❤️

Than you. You´re very welcome lovely, see you seen we hope.

 by Mark crowter
The best club

I visited a club in golf del sur. Was very easy to join and was very welcoming when we arrived. Great choice of smoke and top quality. Thanks very much

Thank you my friend.

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