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How to Join a Cannabis Club in Tenerife 2022

With so much confusion surrounding the legalities of what enables weed clubs in Tenerife to operate, it can be harmful to the cannabis clubs and their future existence if you don’t have the knowledge, and do things the wrong way. Here we break it down for you so that you can understand why and how the clubs exist in Spain, and how to access them the right way.

How to Join a Weed Club in Tenerife

Are Cannabis Clubs Legal in Tenerife?

Cannabis Clubs are not fully legal in Spain – yet! They operate by using a combination of the Spanish constitution and the newer existing by-laws. Please read our article on the history of cannabis Clubs in Spain. Basically the courts have made many historic rulings finding nothing illegal about consuming cannabis in private cannabis clubs, but the government in Madrid are keeping tight lipped on the situation. Although Madrid has stated that they are simply waiting and watching very carefully before making a decision, I feel we are getting close, but I wouldn’t expect anything to happen in the next 5 years. They say they don’t have enough information, so they will allow the clubs to exist as they are in order to study cannabis and it’s effects. But have no doubt, it is still an ongoing revolution to fight for our rights for the safe consumption of cannabis.

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Is it legal to Smoke Weed in Tenerife?

Is it Legal to Possess cannabis in Tenerife?

Yes, and no… it´s legal to consume only in Private, not in Public. Cannabis is essentially de-criminalised, which means you can’t get a criminal record for personal possession, if you are found to have 5 grams or less in public, you will receive a fine of 200€ or more, but no criminal record, any more than 5 grams in public may be considered as “you are a supplying” and you may be detained for further questioning down the police station.. but if you were found to have cannabis in a private setting, this is legal, so maybe at your family or friends apartment, or your own room or apartment – there is 1 catch in the law – “it must not affect your neighbours way of life” if your neighbour complains and the police are called you will be told to stop smoking for your neighbour, nothing more, they will leave the herb with you, but if you are in a hotel it’s possible you will be asked to leave. Although in Tenerife this is rare, and if there is a complaint there is always a warning or 2 before the police are called – Only in Tenerife.

Cannabis Club Adeje Town Tenerife

What is a Cannabis Social Club?

Ok so… it’s legal to consume cannabis in a private setting, but even in your apartment this can be difficult. So what do you do? You make a private cannabis club, somewhere “out the way” where no one will be affected, so that your friends and family can come together and collectively grow their own weed just for themselves.

In the beginning it was very different, cannabis clubs made their own rules and regulations in order to stay legal, extraction fans and filters as to not disturb the neighbors, very basic furniture, homemade generally. But what makes it legal still today is the fact that they are not open to the public, only friends and family, and if your friends are cool you can invite them to come too, but we’re all very close friends and family and not open to the public. If a stranger were to try to access he would be rejected and told it’s a private members only association and you must be invited. This is what makes a cannabis social club legal. But that’s just the half of it.

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How does a Cannabis Club in Tenerife Operate?

Ok… It’s legal to grow cannabis plants in your private – wherever. It’s also legal to give it away for free, so if I grow some herb and you would like some, provided you are a consumer (because it is forbidden by law to encourage the consumption of cannabis, so you have to be a regular consumer) and of legal age (18+) I could take you to my apartment and give you some, provided it’s free and I don’t charge you anything for it, it’s legal.

The legal term for an association is a “non for profit organisation” ok.

As we’ve mentioned it’s legal to grow and distribute cannabis in Spain for free. So the other half of what makes weed clubs legal is we grow and distribute amongst our “members of family and friends” for free, because what we grow amongst ourselves assures us the safety from the “unknown” black-market cannabis. The fight for the safe consumption of cannabis.

But the rent on the premises and the electricity bill… etc, must be paid, so traditionally family members and friends all contributed happily to the upkeep of the premises, be it a small apartment, or a big commercial building, the cleaning was done by the members themselves, clean up after themselves and take turns to clean the toilet etc, but of-course the real responsibility fell on the founding members of the club, in Spain you need 3 founding members to create a cannabis association. It’s their creation so they are keen to crack the whip on family members and friends.

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How to Access a Cannabis Club in Tenerife – The right way.

This is where we make life easy for you, we got frustrated with contacting the clubs anyway we can, and then waiting for an answer, and still you´re not sure if the club is any good. So we made this website for you to use… to help you stay clear of the expensive tourist trap clubs. You could do what we did in the beginning and contact them individually… or have faith and believe that we really do work for the people and with the clubs to offer you on the best cannabis clubs in Tenerife If you do contact the clubs directly, don’t talk about the weed and how much is it? Don’t ask too many questions, get down to the club if you´re invited and hope… You´re still not obligated, when you get to the club ask them to see some weed and the club before you commit to becoming a member, in Barcelona it’s not possible, but in Tenerife it’s all good, unless you don’t like what you see, and then you politely say, do you take card? No cannabis club takes card, this is your exit strategy, tell them you are going to take some cash from the machine… never to return, lol! Otherwise it´s easier and faster to just click the button bellow, chhose a club, read the details carefully, and book an appointment for as soon as the next 15 mins… From website to club in 15 mins guaranteed – since 2016

77 thoughts on “How to Join a Cannabis Club in Tenerife 2022”

  1. i want to book this hotel Sunset View Club By Diamond Resorts, is there a smokers member club near this resort pls I need to kno befor I book as I have epilepsy and It would be great health benefit to know if this is in close facinity thank u

          1. Is there a cannabis cafe near hotel blue sea lagos de cesar plz

          2. Anthony McConville

            Hi Mr Green when will the adeje club be taking new members coming in September 2022

          3. Hii, yes Costa Adeje will be open again after renovations in a few weeks, hopefully beginning of September

    1. Yes some clubs have the Volcano vaperisor, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje have them definitely… hope this helps

      1. Hiii… they don´t really take tourists in the north, the closest is on the cannabis clubs page under La Laguna

    1. Editorial team

      My friend unfortunately it is still illegal to buy and sell weed in Tenerife / Spain. This why you have to join the membership so we can give it to you for free – however contributions to the upkeep of the club are to be honoured… it´s a complicated system my friend, if you want to know know more please the only blog we have at the moment, explains all, if you´re interested then don´t worry about it and just follow the website and read all the details carefully, if you´re a regular consumer then choose a club, make an appointment for when you would like to go, pay the subscription membership fee.. receive your membership QR code automatically and immediately, and then be roughly on time to your appointment with your QR code and official identification they will register you, and then you can make it your home, come and go as you please as a member… sorry buddy, wasn´t designed for tourists so you have to just go with the flow, hope this helps… enjoy

  2. Hello, staying at Puerto de la cruz, but could move around by car… Hoping for an invite! I’m 57 years, and been a smoker since I was 15😀 ! Got lots of good comments and as it seems, the Streets are no good. Where can I turn to?
    Will be on Tenerife untill 29/10 and then heading for Gran Canaria.

    1. Editorial team

      Ok Patrick, fantastic!
      So right here on our website you can get an invitation and become a member hassle free. Unfortunately nothing in the north that accepts tourists, all on our website, it´s about 1 hour driving to the south and a great day out, the best places to explore in Tenerife are from the south, all the way through the west, Masca valley, Los Gigantes – around there is our favourite and further west-north, do a round trip maybe.. oh and make sure you use the motorway through Santa Cruz and along the east side is the fastest way to the south… however if you choose the club in Los Gigantes and travel the lovely mountain roads with amazing views will take you about 45 mins max i think… and is an amazing journey through many different sceneries.. the east side is boring but fast with motorway. Hope this helps, oh and when you go to Gran Canaria hop over to our dedicated website with our dedicated team in Gran Canaria.. Obviously – – Welcome to Cloud9beyond – Tenerife | Gran Canaria | Ibiza | Barcelona |

      1. Hi on holiday staying at los Cristianos looking for smoke to help relax on holiday thankyou

          1. Hi, looking to go on a short break in Las Americas. My partner smokes and has a UK cancard. Anywhere near Zental centre hotel he can register. Many thanks

          2. Yes the cannabis club on our the cannabis clubs page under “Playa Las Americas” is about 7 mins walking from Zentral hotel…enjoy

        1. Hi, on a birthday trip to tenerife and will be landing in tenerife South airport. Would like to grab some before heading north to our hotel. Happy to contribute to the upkeep of the premises. How can we go abouts doing this?


          1. My friend this is not facebook where you can be lazy, it´s like going to a jobs page and asking if there are any jobs, instead of scrolling and you will see the jobs listed there already… my friend, click the menu and choose “cannabis clubs” then scroll down and click “La Laguna” this is the closest club to you in the north, if you want to return to the club, it´s better to return to the north rather that travelling to the south. However if you do want to choose the south… choose Los Cristianos as it´s easy on the bus and a quick 5 min walk to the club from the bus terminal. Hope this helps.

  3. Calvin Wallace

    Hi how do I become a member can u send me a link to in Los Cristiano’s ?? Hope all is well 420 Bros n sisters X

  4. Andrew Mclean

    Hi there I am visiting the island on the 27th December to Puerto Del a Cruz I’m just wondering if there are any membership clubs near by?

    Many Thanks

    1. Hii.. unfortunately in the north is all residents only… please see our “Cannabis Clubs page” for what is available, sorry.

  5. Hi Mr.Green,

    Thanks for lots of info. Very informative page and for those who understands how “family” memberships works all is pretty much clear here.
    Just a question, can i reserve appointment with the club for registration month before or it has to be done some hours before only?

    1. Hi Tom

      You can reserve an appointment whenever you are ready, we recommend a week or 2 before you come, but either way your membership will be reserved for when you come.

  6. Hallo, wir ziehen nächsten Monat nach puerto de la cruz, hab in einem vorherigen Kommentar gelesen das es dort nur Clubs für Einwohner gibt. Wie isr es dann wenn wir hinziehen könnte ich dann dort in ein Club reinkommen?

    1. Hii.. unfortunately in the north is all residents only… please see our “Cannabis Clubs page” for what is available, the closest is on our website.. Best in “San Isidro”. Thanks

  7. Ich bin nach puerto del la cruz gezogen und hab auch eine nie Nummer und alles.
    Gibt es eine Möglichkeit mich eventuell mit einem Club hier in Verbindung zu setzten.. Es ist wirklich ziemlich schwierig wenn man niemanden kennt der in einem Club ist.

  8. Hello my friend we are traveling out next Wednesday the 6th July and was wondering what’s is the best club to join staying in labranda Bahia Dana be is there any close by as I’m a smoker not a drinker and the thought of drying up for ten days worries me lol…
    I await your response my dear friend
    Kind regards
    Dean ross

  9. Can you buy weed in social clubs and take it home /hotel with you? Or are they designed solely for you to consume there and will not allow you to take it home?

    1. Hiii

      “Take away” is not legal no, you are supposed to leave it in the club, you can go back to the club anytime to consume more… however, most people hide it in there under-ware before exiting the club. Hope this helps

  10. Hello guys

    Me and my girlfriend are flying to Tenerife today. We are looking for a smoke club or shop near Puerto de la Cruz. Is there something near?

  11. Hi mr green coming to tenerife los cristianos tomorrow for a few weeks with my partner both long time smokers from ireland wondering if there is any clubs to welcome us 🙂

  12. Уour mode of telling all in this paragraph is truly g᧐od, every one can simply understand
    it, Thanks a lօt.

  13. hi what would be the best club to join? I am staying at Blue Sea Apartmentos Callao Gardens, thanks

    1. I think “Los Gigantes” is the closest one to you. there is a map on their page with a rough location, 3 mins walking

  14. Hi, I have a question. How many grams of goodies do they ‘give’ when you visit? Is there a limit? I’m thinking about going to the club in Los Gigantes

  15. Hi Mr Green..
    I’m coming to Hovima Apartment’s in Puerto Colon ive noticed on google earth theres a place called Satindica, is that recommended by you, if not could you advise, please.. all the best,,

    1. Definetely would NOT advise this club, they cheat a lot, They even steal our name, we are not happy, our staff joined this club and it´s not good, they are even cheating with the weed, changing names of strains from Lemon haze to Lemon Amnesia and charging a higher price too. Look at their name – “Weed Tenerife CSC Satandica” Where actually their name is just “Satandica CSC” They cheat every way… We are Weed Tenerife.

      Anyway, over the next week we will have a club on our website in Puerto Colon (Costa Adeje) and has been open for 6 years (Satandica has been open less than 1 year, they will be closed soon as they are too public, all clubs have to be “private” for members only) or if you need a good club now, in the menu choose cannabis clubs, and the choose “Las Americas” it´s 10 mins walking along the beach from Puerto Colon, or 5 mins/5€ in the taxi

      1. Thank you for your advice ,, i will avoid Satandica it is kind of ” in your face”,,, Im planning ahead, Im not due until Christmas / new year..

  16. Hi there,
    Are there any clubs near Hotel Parque la Paz that also will welcome tourists?

    Thanks 😊

    1. Yes there is but they are residents only, the closest is on the cannabis clubs page in “La Laguna” it´s not too far.

  17. Hi, I am coming out in October and staying in Playa las Americas. Just wondering where the best club is please? Thank you

  18. Hi dude

    In the cannabis club in Playa De La Americas, is it possible to get pre rolled?

    Cheers man

  19. Szukam na południu dobrego z normalnymi cenami nie przesadzonymi typowo pod turystów lub jakieś dla lokalsow

    1. Tak, wszystko jest tutaj, na stronie internetowej. Wybierz jedno i postępuj zgodnie z instrukcjami, to proste.

  20. Hi Mr Green
    Is the club in peurto colon up and running or am i better joining costa adeje / fanabe .. thanks

    1. Hii… that would be “Best Cannabis Club Las Americas” on the Cannabis Clubs page.

  21. Hey I’m going to La Laguna this weekend but the page says not accepting members. I’m landing at south airport then travelling north to San Andres. Advice appreciated 🙏

  22. Hey. Anyone know of a club I could
    Join nearThe maritim hotel? Im there for just
    Over a week. Thanks so much

    1. No idea sorry, this is not like fb where… better example is to walk into a supermarket and ask the cashier if they have any food for sale. They will tell you to go browse the shelves. We spend a lot of time putting all the info on the website for you, and yet you still ask for the info. We have map with rough location, we have opening times, description of the club, nice clear photos so you cann see inside the club before you go… bowse the “cannabis clubs” page buddy. Thanks

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  25. Hey, I see in previous comments that there is no tourist access in Puerto del la Cruz however I also see on the site that a club is coming soon. Does this mean that tourists will soon be allowed to join and if so, do you have any dates, please?

    1. Hiiii… no sorry, it means that we know there is a need, so we are on the case, we are currently searching, but so far the 2 that are there do not accept tourists. Waiting for one to open i guess… sorry for the confusion. La Laguna was accepting tourists but it´s closed, I hope you. understand.

      1. Ah, understood. Visiting in September and thought it was about to be my lucky day. Thanks for letting me know.

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