How to get Weed in Tenerife ?

So we´re not here to mess about. As short as possible, lets go

How to get Cannabis in Tenerife ?

1. Find a Street Dealer

Normally the lookie lookie men… will have something but it will cost you 20€ for one gram. They will try and sell you 3 grams for 50 and most of the time it´s not good quality, and also, these happy guys don´t have scales, so normally you end up with 2 grams for 50 or an argument. We had to do it a few times.

2. Ask the locals

In most cases the Spanish will not disclose their private members only Cannabis club to you, because it´s private. But most of the time they´re quite happy to “get you some” – Normally comes back with hash, or does not come back at all. Beware, it´s possible you will loose your money. If you´re very lucky, he will invite you to his local Cannabis Social Club. But even then you can´t be sure where he´s taking you, or if the cannabis club is any good? Not recommended.

3. Join a Cannabis Social Club

In reputable Weed Coffeeshops you will find a variety of herbs, extracts, hashes/pollen, iceolators, Cali weed, and in some clubs… THC vape carts, thc syrups, RSO, and more. Other clubs don´t care much on quality and think too much of making money rather than providing a good service with top quality produce. The clubs have to charge an annual membership fee by law to discourage non smokers away from starting smoking or give it a try. You´ll need a resident member to invite you or bring you, and you will have to present photo ID and pay the membership fee to join the cannabis clubs in in Tenerife. Or if you join a not so reputable club, you won´t need anything but money. It´s possible you´ll bump into police outside these places, ready to take your herb off you in exchange for… more money in the form of a fine.

Click here to Choose a Weed Club in Tenerife

4. We Can Help, One Complete Service

4. We can help, A Complete Service.

So that´s why we´re here, we got fed up of wasting money on membership fees, just to find the club is not what we´re looking for? We´re on a mission to bring you just the best weed clubs, cannabis coffee shops in Tenerife, and the Canary Islands. Our aim is to have the best, reputable club in each area so that there is always a great club on offer nearby to where you´re staying. We live here and as resident members frequent all the clubs on a regular basis. So we can always keep you updated in what´s good, what used to be good, and what´s up and coming. We can also tel you what you can find inside these clubs, so if there´s anything special you´r looking for, just ask us… We will invite you.

To get started

Head over to our selection of Cannabis clubs across Tenerife, choose a club, listed in areas. and book yourself in, an invitation qr code will be sent to your e-mail, when you get to the club, show your invitation to them.

We are working our way around the islands and have nearly got it covered. Book an appointment for when you´d like to join the club and start using it. Pick a day and a time and click next… fill in your names and email… invitation will be sent to your email inbox immediately along with detailed directions… any problems, all our contact details on our website, our helpline number at the bottom of every page from 10:00 – 23:00 everyday. We´re glad to be of assistance.

14 thoughts on “How to get Weed in Tenerife ?”

  1. Hi

    I joined the club at Golf del Sur in October and I’m now back in Tenerife, I was just wondering can I still use my membership there? I’m staying close to El Médano. Is there a club there? Thanks so much for your help! :)

    1. Yes the membership is valid for 1 year, when returning be sure to take your identification with you so the club can verify it´s you and look you up on their system.

  2. Hi can anyone recommend a club that sells THC vapes in Tenerife? Out there tomorrow morning for 1 week.

    Many thanks.

    1. Why would you want to do that when you just go to a cannabis social club in Tenerife instead, it´s a legal dispensary, yet you want to buy from telegram?Are you trying to save 20€ membership fee, it´s better to save time, you get what you pay for.

  3. Hi there
    I stay here in santa cruz for almost 3 weeks wondering if there is a club in this area?
    Or if i have to join one at the south.

    1. Hiiigh… yes unfortunately you will have to go to the south, in the north it´s difficult, it´s residents only.

  4. Staying at the ritz Carlton, trying to get a chargeable cartridge delivered? Can I join a club and make that happen?

    1. Hiii… the only club that has those is on our website under Los Gigantes, it´s no too far if you have a car. You will have to register and go there. Click the menu and select cannabis clubs and then choose Los Gigantes.

  5. Bonjello Santos

    I am staying near Golf de sur for a week, are there any membership payable clubs around or do I need to travel to Christianos?

    1. You didn´t even look… select cannabis clubs in the menu and choose golf del sur… that´s it. Oh sorry, then you have to read the details and follow the instructions to become a member

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