How many Cannabis Clubs in Tenerife 2021

How many Weed Clubs in Tenerife?

Tenerife, the island of eternal spring – is fast becoming a new mecca for cannabis consumers, but what people don´t realise is just how many cannabis clubs in Tenerife there are in 2021. Believe it or not Tenerife is now more sought after than Barcelona when it comes to holiday makers seeking a “weed-cation” Here we will tell you why…

As of today March 2021 Tenerife has roughly 200 cannabis clubs. Yes there is close to – if not slightly more than 200 Cannabis Clubs on this island of eternal spring, As Tenerife has more relaxed rules when it comes to tourists and weed clubs and the integration of both compared to Barcelona and other Spanish regions, more tourists now come to Tenerife rather than Amsterdam or Barcelona. Tenerife weed clubs have evolved and advanced at an extremely fast rate, in the past 3 years over 150 cannabis clubs were formed on the island. The year 2019 saw more visitors visiting Tenerife for cannabis clubs as well as the sun and fun, slightly more than Barcelona. We have used 2019 because of the pandemic, the numbers are not fair for 2020 as Barcelona was pretty much closed the entire year because of restrictions.

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Are Cannabis Clubs legal in Tenerife

Cannabis Clubs are not fully legal in Spain – yet! Please read our article on the history of cannabis Clubs in Spain. Basically the courts have made many historic rulings finding nothing illegal about consuming cannabis in private cannabis clubs, but the government in Madrid are keeping tight lipped on the situation. Although Madrid has stated that they are simply waiting and watching very carefully before making a decision, I feel we are getting close, but I wouldn’t expect anything to happen in the next 5 years. They say they don’t have enough information, so they will allow the clubs to exist as they are in order to study cannabis and it’s effects. But have no doubt, it is still an ongoing revolution to fight for our rights for the safe consumption of cannabis.
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How does a Cannabis Club in Tenerife operate

Ok – so, to the legalities. It is legal to consume cannabis, it is essentially de-criminalised, which means you can’t get a criminal record for personal possession, if you are found to have 5 grams or less in public, you will receive a fine of 200€ or more, but no criminal record, any more than 5 grams in public may be considered as “you are a supplying” and you may be detained for further questioning down the police station.. but if you were found to have cannabis in a private setting, this is legal, so maybe at your family or friends apartment, or your own room or apartment – there is 1 catch in the law – “it must not affect your neighbours way of life” if your neighbour complains and the police are called you will be told to stop smoking for your neighbour, nothing more, they will leave the herb with you, but if you are in a hotel it’s possible you will be asked to leave. Although in Tenerife this is rare, and if there is a complaint there is always a warning or 2 before the police are called – Only in Tenerife.

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Is it legal to Smoke Weed in Tenerife

Ok so… it’s legal to consume cannabis in a private setting, but even in your apartment this can be difficult. So what do you do? You make a private cannabis club, somewhere “out the way” where no one will be affected, so that your friends and family can come together and collectively grow their own weed just for themselves.

In the beginning it was very different, cannabis clubs made their own rules and regulations in order to stay legal, extraction fans and filters as to not disturb the neighbors, very basic furniture, homemade generally. But what makes it legal still today is the fact that they are not open to the public, only friends and family, and if your friends are cool you can invite them to come too, but we’re all very close friends and family and not open to the public. If a stranger were to try to access he would be rejected and told it’s a private members only association and you must be invited. This is what makes a cannabis social club legal. But that’s just the half of it.

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What is a Cannabis Social Club?

The correct term is Cannabis Association

It’s legal to grow cannabis plants in your private – wherever. It’s also legal to give it away for free, so if I grow some herb and you would like some, provided you are a consumer (because it is forbidden by law to encourage the consumption of cannabis, so you have to be a regular consumer) and of legal age (18+) I could take you to my apartment and give you some, provided it’s free and I don’t charge you anything for it, it’s legal.

The legal term for an association is a “non for profit organisation” ok.

As we’ve mentioned it’s legal to grow and distribute cannabis in Spain for free. So the other half of what makes weed clubs legal is we grow and distribute amongst our “members of family and friends” for free, because what we grow amongst ourselves assures us the safety from the “unknown” black-market cannabis. The fight for the safe consumption of cannabis.

But the rent on the premises and the electricity bill… etc, must be paid, so traditionally family members and friends all contributed happily to the upkeep of the premises, be it a small apartment, or a big commercial building, the cleaning was done by the members themselves, clean up after themselves and take turns to clean the toilet etc, but of-course the real responsibility fell on the founding members of the club, in Spain you need 3 founding members to create a cannabis association. It’s their creation so they are keen to crack the whip on family members and friends.

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How to access a cannabis club in Tenerife - the right way.

So there you have it, without repeating myself it’s best I tell some you things not to do when trying to become a member of weed clubs in Tenerife.

Although this is Tenerife and practises are terrible, these are only practised by clubs that aren’t really “associations” they more like weed coffee shops, open to the public, knock the door or ring the bell and they’ll happily let you in, mostly to the black market, for profit. Many clubs have abandoned growing in favour of 3rd party suppliers. The law has evolved and does state that, if you don’t have the space in your premises to grow you can get a 3rd part to grow for you – opens up another grey area for – growers, which we will cover in another blog – so if I have a small apartment and you have a big one, I can ask you to grow my 2 plants as well as your 2 plants in your apartment for us both, so I have 0 plants and you have 4, but 2 are mine ok! I’m watching you! 3rd party.

What NOT to do when trying to join a Cannabis Club in Tenerife.

To protect the future of cannabis clubs in Spain we must try to keep to traditions – for now, this keeps everybody happy and the weed cafes, open. The reason cannabis clubs get closed is because they’re not following the regulations that the clubs themselves imposed, so the police get annoyed.

1 – Do not just turn up on the door and say “hi is it ok to buy some weed” wow if the undercover police herd that, followed by “sure come in” Club Closed, big fine, no opening again. Normally the answer from the club is “sorry we don’t sell weed, bye” and the door will close. This is because you never know who is watching, the police send undercover to test, so the clubs are very careful.

2 – Ty not to bring your luggage or look like a tourist… lol. if you are invited and become a member of a cannabis club, there is 1 key word you must remember, “discreet”

3 – Do not “hang around” outside or near the clubs. Please be discreet and don’t let your friends or family wait for you right outside the club while you go inside. If undercover police see this, they will think you are going in to get some weed to sell to these people that are waiting for you. It’s not legal outside the club, hide it down there in your private department where they cannot search.

4 – Do not just “run in and out” to get your herb. It’s not permitted for the club to let you leave the club with the weed, but they are not the police so they won’t stop and search you on the way out, but they will tell you the legalities and it’s then your responsibility. But if undercover police – again “for instance” see you run in and exit fast they can be sure you have exited with the herb outside the club, I mean, it’s obvious right? So they will stop you, and then the club will get a fine, big fine, no close, but the fine is in the 4 figure department.

So please – tell your friends or family to wait in the cafe and have a coffee or a beer while you go inside and smoke a join, or just have a coffee or something, 20 mins is the respected time before exiting. This way Mr policeman will pass by, normally they are just walking past when they see someone enter a club, they will wait for just 5/7 mins before realizing that you´re not coming out in a hurry, so he´ll keep walking.

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Best practices to access a weed cafe in Tenerife

Wow this article is nice and long, I’ll keep this one short. Contact the clubs anyway you can to ask for an invitation. Don’t talk about the weed and how much is it? Don’t ask too many questions, get down to the club if your invited, you´re still not obligated, when you get to the club ask them to see some weed and the club before you commit to becoming a member, in Barcelona it’s not possible, but in Tenerife it’s all good, unless you don’t like what you see, and then you politely say, do you take card? No cannabis club takes card, this is your exit strategy, tell them you are going to take some cash never to return, lol. You better love me!

Or you could just stay on this website, click the menu above, cannabis clubs, choose a club listed in areas, we try for the best in each area, and no expensive tourist traps, and they must be reputable clubs… anyway, chose a club and make a reservation, free. We will send you an immediate invitation.. details are all there, in fact I’ll make a button for you, click below… and enjoy

The Tail End.

There you have it, I hope now you will have a better understanding on why and how we have cannabis social clubs in Tenerife / Spain. Please understand that the future of cannabis associations in Tenerife could go either way, Madrid either says yes, or they say no, for now they are saying nothing, which is great. Let’s not give them any reason to want to close the clubs and go the other direction by making cannabis totally illegal.

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