Everything you need to know about joining a Weed Coffeeshop / Cannabis Social Club in Tenerife…

Tenerife is fast becoming popular for tourists seeking cannabis weed clubs, / weed coffee shops / cannabis social clubs – as they´re called here in Spain / Canary islands. Here’s a few things you need to know, and be aware of, when seeking a good, reputable cannabis club in Tenerife.
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Is it legal to smoke Weed in Tenerife, Spain?

Yes… and No! – read carefully –
It is legal smoke cannabis in “Private” places only. There is not many of those, your private apartment or villa or hotel, provided there´s no complaints the staff generally don´t mind. or the private cannabis association’s. Anywhere else is forbidden

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Can I buy Weed in Tenerife / Spain?

It´s legal to smoke, yes, but the sale and promotion of cannabis in Spain is still illegal. But growing for personal use (2 plants) in a private space is legal. So when you become a member of a cannabis club in Spain, you are giving permission for the club to grow on your behalf, you become part of a community of growers and smokers.

It´s legal to grow 2 marijuana plants per person in your “private space”. But it also states, if you do not have the space to grow your own herb in your own apartment / house, you may ask a friend (3rd party) to grow in their private space for you. Therefore, when you join the clubs individual membership (community) you sign papers giving permision for the club (3rd party) to grow for you. By law the clubs have to charge a membership fee of 20€, some charge more. The reason for this is to deter non smokers to start smoking or even give it a try. More on this in our History of “Cannabis Cubs in Spain” blog.

So You´re a member now and it´s time to buy some weed, but it´s forbidden the sale and promoting of cannabis blah blah zzz

The law. Cannabis associations in Spain must operate in a non for profit way. Profit is allowed, but must be seen going back into the association, for new sofas or a pool table for instance. The bills and upkeep must be paid, so everyone is expected to Contribute, or donate for the herb – towards the upkeep of the premises, the rent, lights, wi-fi, fridges and playstations and pool tables and sofas and …and …and.

This is why the herb is cheaper in Spain than Amsterdam for instance, if it’s not, your probably in an expensive tourist trap!
So you have a menu and you choose your herb as normal and then the club will total it up and tell you how much you have to contribute to the club, easy

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Soo! Are tourists allowed in weed clubs in Tenerife / Spain?

Not really.

The only way that clubs can accept you legally, is if you have a resident of Spain who is also a member of that club, to bring you or invite you.

Some weed clubs in Tenerife require you to be a resident in Tenerife, not just Spain. One cannabis club in the north Tenerife, Santa Cruz, requires you to be resident of Tenerife for a min of 10 years before you can join their club.

Depending where you are in Spain, the local councils and police force have lately, taken a much more relaxed approach towards tourists and weed clubs alike, in some areas the local council issue a licence for clubs to allow tourists, extra €5k a year. But In Valencia for instance, on the other hand, the police are on the alert for clubs taking tourists and actually hang about the clubs regularly stopping tourists and locals alike. They have “safety hours“ where you can transport your cannabis from the club to your house between hours where children are generally in bed.

A grey area we face everyday unfortunately, it´s only legal to posses in the clubs or in your home. we will discuss this next.

Most tourist places in Spain only in the last 2 years have become relaxed with clubs and tourists entering them, as long as it´s not too many tourists in and out all the time, (a tourist trap) they´re cool. The local authorities weigh up the options

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Am I allowed to take the weed out the cannabis clubs in Tenerife?

A question we get asked sooo often. It´s time to get serious! The Grey area. It´s only legal to posses cannabis in the private cannabis clubs or in the privacy of your own home. Just because you can get weed legally in Tenerife doesn’t mean you can be flippant about it. 

Spanish law is very liberal in private spaces. Therefore, it’s okay to have some marijuana in your own home, or in a private cannabis club. But if you display or use marijuana in a public place and are caught, you’ll almost certainly be fined, the marijuana will be confiscated, and depending on the circumstances, you could be arrested and jailed. Be smart. Just because you see people smoking joints on the beach front doesn’t mean you should do it too. In fact, the truth of the matter is that outside of a private residence or a legitimate cannabis club, you could be harassed and ticketed by police.

If you take cannabis out of a club (most people do) then please remember to transport it in your under garments. Spanish authorities cannot search there without a warrant. If you do get caught with weed in public, you will be ticketed and pay a fine, but there is no criminality involved unless you are over a threshold that most cannabis club members never exceed. The best policy if you are stopped by police and found with cannabis is to say as little as possible, and do not tell the police where you acquired the cannabis.

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How to become a member of a Cannabis Club in Tenerife?

We will guide you to the best, reputable Cannabis clubs in Tenerife. We also work in Gran Canaria, Barcelona, Ibiza and more. We will invite you, simply choose a club in Tenerife – listed in areas and book your invitation. Tel us the date and time you´d like to register as a member and we´ll send you an invitation immediately. Catch us on Instagram and facebook – Cloud9beyond – send us a message for an immediate response and we´ll get you into a reputable club – no tourist traps!

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