Cannabis Friendly Accommodation in Tenerife

The truth of the matter is you do not need any “specialist” website or accommodation to help you stay in weed friendly hotels, apartments or villas etc… We have stayed in so many different tourist accommodations from, pensions, hostels, resorts, hotels all stars, “palace” 5 star resorts, apartments, apart hotels, and villas from cheap to expensive. As long as you have the knowledge – and we have the experience – you can book accommodation almost anywhere in Tenerife, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines when you´re looking to book your holiday, you´ll be fine. From the knowledge and experience we have gained as we travel and work to help connect you… not just in Tenerife, but also in Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Ibiza, and Barcelona… – here are some guidelines we would like to pass on to you. We will run through the different kinds of tourists accommodation and give you guidelines to follow when you´re looking to book your weed friendly holiday in Tenerife.. Ok, so when you´re booking your accommodation in Tenerife make sure you…

Cannabis Friendly Hotels in Tenerife

Cannabis Friendly Resorts in Tenerife

Cannabis Friendly ApartmentsinTenerife

Cannabis Friendly VillasinTenerife

Weed Friendly AccommodationinTenerife – Websites? Can you Trust Them?

4 thoughts on “Cannabis Friendly Accommodation in Tenerife”

  1. Schade, dass ich das erst jetzt lese….
    Das wäre ein Traum.
    Ginge das auch mit zwei Kids 10/13 Jahre?
    Danke für die Info

    Muss man Club Mitglied sein um das Kraut zu erwerben?

    1. natürlich ja, aber sie sind minderjährig und sollten sich nicht auf dem Balkon/Terrasse aufhalten, während Sie rauchen. Und ja, man muss Mitglied werden, um Kraut zu bekommen.

  2. Are there no Hotel recommendations avaible right now? There are no Links and only empty space here on this article.

    1. Yes very sorry about that, we are working on it… however, this place in costa Adeje, 15 min walk to las Americas is – Apartamentos Tinerfe Garden (although it does not say… there is an ashtray inside your apartment on the table… we have always blazed hard there, inside, on the terrace, 10am all doors wide open with cleaning ladies walking past etc.. never said anything to us… however just be respectful if asked to calm down and things are changing fast so we can’t guarantee anything …by law you cannot smoke in a public place anymore in Spain, since the pandemic they decided to keep this law forever. S as soon we have something official and ready to go… but it’s difficult, sorry.

      Apartamentos Tinerfe Garden
      922 71 55 24

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