Cannabis Friendly Accommodation in Tenerife

The truth of the matter is you do not need any “specialist” website or accommodation to help you stay in weed friendly hotels, apartments or villas etc… We have stayed in so many different tourist accommodations from, pensions, hostels, resorts, hotels all stars, “palace” 5 star resorts, apartments, apart hotels, and villas from cheap to expensive. As long as you have the knowledge – and we have the experience – you can book accommodation almost anywhere in Tenerife, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines when you´re looking to book your holiday, you´ll be fine. From the knowledge and experience we have gained as we travel and work to help connect you… not just in Tenerife, but also in Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Ibiza, and Barcelona… – here are some guidelines we would like to pass on to you. We will run through the different kinds of tourists accommodation and give you guidelines to follow when you´re looking to book your weed friendly holiday in Tenerife.. Ok, so when you´re booking your accommodation in Tenerife make sure you…

Cannabis Friendly Hotels in Tenerife

Cannabis Friendly Resorts in Tenerife

Cannabis Friendly ApartmentsinTenerife

Cannabis Friendly VillasinTenerife

Weed Friendly AccommodationinTenerife – Websites? Can you Trust Them?

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  1. Schade, dass ich das erst jetzt lese….
    Das wäre ein Traum.
    Ginge das auch mit zwei Kids 10/13 Jahre?
    Danke für die Info

    Muss man Club Mitglied sein um das Kraut zu erwerben?

    1. natürlich ja, aber sie sind minderjährig und sollten sich nicht auf dem Balkon/Terrasse aufhalten, während Sie rauchen. Und ja, man muss Mitglied werden, um Kraut zu bekommen.

  2. Are there no Hotel recommendations avaible right now? There are no Links and only empty space here on this article.

    1. Yes very sorry about that, we are working on it… however, this place in costa Adeje, 15 min walk to las Americas is – Apartamentos Tinerfe Garden (although it does not say… there is an ashtray inside your apartment on the table… we have always blazed hard there, inside, on the terrace, 10am all doors wide open with cleaning ladies walking past etc.. never said anything to us… however just be respectful if asked to calm down and things are changing fast so we can’t guarantee anything …by law you cannot smoke in a public place anymore in Spain, since the pandemic they decided to keep this law forever. S as soon we have something official and ready to go… but it’s difficult, sorry.

      Apartamentos Tinerfe Garden
      922 71 55 24

      1. Hi, do you know if Tagoro Family and Fun Costa Adeje are smoke friendly or would be happy with smoking on the upper floor terrace? We are looking to book a holiday in August 2023 and need to be able to smoke for medical reasons so any help or suggestions you can give is appreciated!

        1. Honestly don´t know about that one… however the clue is in the title… it has the word “family” in it, that generally indicates it´s a family friendly hotel, which means lots of children, i would say NO my friend.

      1. Hi, do you know if the Beverly Hills suites- Tenerife is relaxed on smoking on the balcony please? As it says in the room that they are not and don’t want to be homeless for the week 👍🏼

      1. Hii.. Well, that hotel is a great family hotel, that said it is not a very busy hotel, so you may find not many people around you. We always test the situation by blazing after 10pm and only on the balcony / terrace, and be sure to keep the terrace door closed so the smoke doesn´t go back in your apartment/room. You can´t even smoke a cigarette inside.

        So on your first night, test the situation, after 10pm have a chill out on the balcony (close the door), relax and smoke… if by lunch time the following day no one has said anything, then carry on… but wait, always have a listen and look for families with children staying next door and around you, from your terrace have a look and a listen for children. That said, that hotel is huge, I mean it has a lot of space where you can “get out the way” for a joint, still on hotel grounds, as long as you´re in a little corner away from everybody (wherever that is) the staff will you will be ok. The staff themselves won´t say anything, but if there is complaint then they will knock your door and simply ask you to stop, tell them sorry, ok no problem, then you have to smoke outside. It´s never the staff, always the guest that sometimes is against the smell. Just be aware of children, if they come, you move to another spot, as long as you are aware, and see this, and move, everyone is happy.

        To sum it up, no it´s not a weed friendly hotel, but it´s not against it either, as long as it doesn´t cause problems they don´t mind. It´s not a very busy hotel so i think you will find it´s quite empty when you come, even in high season they are not busy, so no need to rush for the sunbeds 🙂

        Hope you enjoy.

    1. Yes they are pretty relaxed but only in the evenings and on the balcony of your apartment, we found in the daytime they didn´t like it… however you should pay attention to children, if they are around then as a general rule after 10pm on the balcony with the balcony door closed you can´t go wrong.

      1. Hard rock hotel? Everyone is sat round the pool smoking cigarettes so a joint should be fine right?

        1. Ye Hard rock is generally full of cannabis users… However, if there are kids around the pool forget it, the staff will say something, and it´s not fair on the children and their parents to be bombarded by the “peng”

    1. Tinerfe Gardens – in Costa Adeje (no it´s not a spelling mistake, Tinerfe Gardens)

  3. Hiya, we’re staying in the blue sea callao salvaje apartments in January, do you know if its smoke friendly please, also, visited your Adeje place it was great, see you in January!

    1. Honestly we have no idea about that one, sorry… just follow our recommended guidelines in the article.

  4. Christine bennett

    Can you recommend a cannabis friendly hotel , apartment or villa I can rent in the los cristanos area dieing to come back ..

    1. Officially there are none in tenerife… yet, however many hotels will be tolerant.. we stayed at – Hotel Reveron Plaza – in Los Cristianos many times, always on the balcony close the doors, never had a problem, and we blaze hard all day, still have some respect amd keep the balcony door closed so the smoke does not enter your room, and then onwards into the hotel.

  5. Any idea if the royal sunset beach club or laguna park 1 are smoke friendly? Trying to decide between the two

    1. Is that your name? Yo? Be respectful my friend, you are talking to a lady here… Yo, is no way to address anyone that you´ve never met… Hi would be better…. my advice judging by your “Yo” is that you will take the piss, so I better be careful my advice, i should just say no, don´t do it….

      Anyway… Laguna Park 1 won´t say anything, nice place with friendly staff… however do not take the piss, keep it to your terrace (balcony) and always close the door to your room so the smell doesn´t go in your room… you cannot even smoke a cigarette inside your room, only on the terrace discreetly. It´s allowed in private, keep it private, not public… and be on the lookout for children, they are innocent.

      1. Very sorry, meant no disrespect thanks for the info but do you know anything about royal sunset beach club? Again thanks for all your help

        1. No problem my friend. Royal Sunset Beach club we do not know anything about that resort I´m sorry, so we can only advise on Laguna Park 1

    1. Unfortunately that hotel is very family orientated, so not really, if you follow what the blog says then you won´t go wrong… However Los Gigantes is more rural so you can easily find a spot outside where there are no people, sit down and enjoy the view somewhere and smoke there, you won´t have to go too far from the hotel don´t worry.

  6. Callum Baldwin

    Hi, appreciate you may not know all of these but any suggestions on the following hotels I have on my shortlist? Going at the end of Feb.
    Gara Suites, Regency Torviscas, Checkin Bungalows, Parque Del Sol, Zentral Centre, Sol Tenerife.
    Your site is a godsent, cheers 🙂

  7. Hi
    I wanted to ask if you know if Hotel Vincci Tenerife Golf is cannabis friendly? So whether you can smoke on the balcony without problems. Thanks and a nice day

  8. Hello,

    Looking at coming over in a month or so .
    Just wondered if anyone knows if this hotel is smoker friendly?

    H10 Gran Tinerfe

    Thanks In Advance

      1. Hi i’m looking for a hotel that’s all inclusive and either allows you to smoke or very local and easy accessible to a coffee shop/dispensary. Preferably near the beach too haha. Something fairly easy going and easy to access the smoke is the main thing. thank you 🙂

        1. Well, officially you cannot smoke even cigarettes in any hotel, only on the balcony. Listen all you have to do is read the blog and follow the advise given. A lot of hotels are family orientated, so we would not advise these hotels unless you have a family, in which case book in advance and ask for a room on the highest floor (top if possible) and a balcony/terrace. We´ve stayed in family hotels and we found it difficult to find somewhere on the hotel grounds to light up a joint. My best advise is to choose an ADULT ONLY Hotel, you will have no problems in these adult only hotels, and they are plentiful.

    1. Officially no hotel is weed friendly, however they are pretty laid back at the Columbus, go ahead and see if you can get a room as high as possible, top floor if you can, lol. just be discreet, don´t smoke inside, and be mindful of children and families, if you follow the guidlines in the blog you´ll be ok.

  9. Hiya, was just wondering if you knew of any luxury hotels in Playa de las Americas that are pretty laid back. I know no hotel is really okay with it but I’m a medical smoker so just want somewhere that I’m not going to be paranoid as hell sitting on the balcony smoking.

  10. hi, we are looking at staying at las piramides in april/may, is this place more relaxed on smoking on the balcony or will they not allow it?

    1. Really we don´t know about that one… I think you´ll be fine, don´t worry… follow the guidelines in this blog and you´ll be ok.

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