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Cannabis Club Packs

Weed Cafe Packs

Designed to save you money if you want to visit more than 1 cannabis club in Tenerife – Cannabis Club Packs. 3/4/5 of the best clubs of your choice. Decide on which clubs you would like to become a member with from our Cannabis Clubs page a pack and tell us in the booking form which cannabis clubs and it´s done… we will reserve your membership with the clubs until you come. You will immediately receive confirmation and your QR code, a second e-mail will then follow, with all the details and locations of your chosen clubs.

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Designed to Save you Money on Membership Fees

€ 40 / per person

Membership into 3 of the Best Cannabis Clubs of your choice

€ 60 / Per Person

Membership into 5 of the Best Cannabis Clubs of your choice

€ 50 / per person

Membership into 4 of the Best Cannabis Clubs of your choice

€ 100 / Per Person

Membership into ALL the Cannabis Clubs on our website

Weed Tours in Tenerife

Includes 1 cannabis club of your choice free. Bring your own herb and enjoy the magic of the ocean whilst enjoying your favourite flavours. Yes you can smoke on the boat with our “sunset sailing” weed tour… just a normal boat tour where we sail the ocean looking for Dolphins, Whales, Sea-turtles and more, most of the time we see dolphins and whales but is not guaranteed, however, the sunset is guaranteed. Includes Cava bubbly and snacks, and 1 Cannabis Club of your choice.