Cannabis Club
Los Cristianos Tenerife

Best Weed Club in Los Cristianos Tenerife

Best Cannabis Club
Los Cristianos Tenerife

Weed Club Los Cristianos

This great weed club located in the heart of Los Cristianos, is for the second year running truly the best cannabis club Los Cristianos Tenerife. Open 2 years now, based on 2 floors with an awesome menu –  the best in Tenerife for the huge selection, and they have a lot of unique choices  – all grown organically indoors by the association itself and very good quality. Contributions for the herb start at 6 and go up to 15. Downstairs we have a quality pool table, as well as table football and an area with sofas to play the PlayStation as well as more unique seating areas and sofas. Everything here, extracts, Dab station, Cali, separate fully stocked bar including coffee machine, oh and edibles inc; dabtella, gummies chocolate joints… and  more – all infused with thc. Excellent club.

Must be 18 and over.

Need Official Identification to register

The club charges 20€ per person for the membership paid online before you get to the club. Everyone inside the club must have membership in order to be legal. Membership is valid for 1 year in this club. Once your a member you can come and go, and stay, as much as you like. Opens 10.00 and shuts at 22.00 everyday. Need official identification and your invitation qr code to register.

Make a reservation to this club below, and you’ll be sent an invitation QR Code immediately to your email, then a staff member will meet you outside the front of mobile phone store Movistar, Los Cristianos, <-click for directions – and will personally take you in and show you around and introduce you. The club is 2 min walking from the hotel You must show your invitation QR Code to the staff when you meet. By law all clubs are Private Members Only and we are not permitted to publish names and locations publicly.

Plz! You can´t go wrong, if you are running late or need help, our staff are available on our hotline number below, and in the e-mails we send you – just give us a call and our team in Tenerife will assist you immediately… enjoy.

Membership is per person
€20 | Valid 1 year