Best Cannabis Club Golf del Sur

Weed Club Golf in del Sur Tenerife

Membership fee is per person.

€20 | Valid for life

Small but powerful. Because of its location it’s also a very quite club, you’ll have the whole place to yourself most of the time. Herb is top quality with a top contribution of 15 a g. Not a huge selection, about 7 different selections of herb inc a little Cali, all good quality, also have a variety of hashes, pollens, iceolator extracts and oils too.

Must be 21 and over for this club – not 21 yet? – see “El Camison

Need Oficial Identification to register

The club charges 20€ per person for the membership paid to the club. Everyone inside the club must have membership in order to be legal. Membership is valid for 1 year in this club. Once your a member you can come and go, and stay, as much as you like. Opens 12.00 and shuts at 22.00 everyday. Need official identification and your invitation to register.

Make a reservation to this club below, and you’ll be sent an invitation QR Code immediately to your email, then a staff member will meet you outside the front of Excellent Medical Centre, Golf del sur, and will personally take you in and show you around and introduce you. The club is 1 min walking from the hotel You must show your invitation QR Code to the staff when you meet.

Sadly a deposit of 5€ is required to secure the booking, pay the remaining membership fee at the club on arrival (15€). This is to avoid false bookings and “no shows”. If you´re delayed, need help with directions or need to cancel, we have a hotline number at the bottom of our website and in your e-mails, Call or WhatsApp and we´ll assist you immediately.

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Best Weed Club in Golf del Sur
€20 | Life
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

Location & Contact Details

Hotline:  +34603338013
Location: Excellent Medical Center, Golf del Sur