Cannabis Club
Costa Adeje Tenerife

Best Weed Club in Costa Adeje Tenerife

Best Cannabis Club
Costa Adeje

Weed Club Costa Adeje

About the Club

Very professional Cannabis Club in Costa Adeje. MUST BE 18+  Opens 12:00 and shuts at 23:30 everyday. Open nearly 8 years now and only 4 minutes walking to the beach, surrounded by shops, restaurants, cafe´s and bars, everything here including the Best Cannabis Club in Costa Adeje. With a pool table, PlayStation and xbox, as well as a massage chair means you will never get bored. Many cannabis clubs in Costa Adeje but for sure this one has the best quality and low contributions. Starting at 8 they have a huge variety of flower to choose from including Cali and hash, pollen, all extracts can be found here as well as dab rig setups nice and sterilised ready to go. In short a very chilled club with nice atmosphere, bright and spacious with a nice view. Follow the instructions below to become a member.

3 minutes walking from..


Requirements to Join

Must be 18 and over.

Need Official Identification to register

The club charges 20€ per person for the membership paid online before you get to the club. Everyone inside the club must have membership in order to be legal. Membership is valid for 1 year in this club. Once you´re a member you can come and go, and stay, as much as you like. Need official identification and your invitation qr code to register.


How to Become a Member?

Click the button below to make an appointment for when you would like to go, and you’ll be sent your Qr Code to your email immediately, along with the name of the club, address, video directions, and easy to follow instructions. All instructions and details will be sent to your email immediately, no waiting. By law all cannabis clubs must be Private for Members Only in order to be legal. We are not permitted to publish names and locations publicly.

When you get to the club simply show the QR Code to reception along with your official photo identification (passport / driving licence) they have your details and will be expecting you, they will scan the QR Code and register you on their system and issue with your membership card/s. You must bring this every time you come to the club. They will explain the rules of the club and the legalities and welcome you to the family.



You can´t go wrong, but just in case, our staff are available on our hotline number below, and in the e-mails we send you – Call our team in Tenerife and we will assist you immediately… enjoy.

Membership is per person

€20 | Valid 1 year



Most frequently asked questions and answers

Cannabis clubs in Spain were not designed for tourists, so if you want to become a member you have to go with the flow, it´s a yearly membership whether you´re here for 1 day, 1 week, or 1 year, you must become a member in order to be legal. More info

Most Cannabis Clubs memberships are valid for 1 year, however some offer lifetime memberships.

Simple choose a club and reserve for when you want to come and an invitation QR code will be immediately sent to your e-mail to automatically, along with the details of the club.

It´s not legal outside the clubs, you are supposed to leave it in the club or consume all in the club. It is not legal in public. However,  most people hide it in their underwear when leaving the club.

Really and truly if you do not consume cannabis you should not be entering the cannabis clubs, everyone inside the club must have membership in order to be legal, and it´s not fair some people pay and some people don´t. The cannabis clubs that we are affiliated to do everything by the book, they have been open many years, and because of this they will be open many more years for you to enjoy.