Top 5 Best Cannabis Social Clubs in Los Cristianos, Tenerife – 2020

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Los Cristianos Harbor Tenerife

If you´re coming to Tenerife and your staying in Los Cristianos, I´m sure you´re wondering where the Best Cannabis Social Clubs in Los Cristianos are? Our hands on team, residents in Tenerife are here to help. Here it is… The best Cannabis Clubs in Los Cristianos are…

5th – Buena Vida csc

4th – Dr Green Spot csc

3rd – Ojos Rocos association

2nd – High Times Coffee Shop Los Cris´

1st – Gentlemans Smokers Club

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How many Cannabis Social Clubs are there in Los Cristianos?

So… as it stands today, there are 16 Cannabis Social Clubs in Los Cristianos alone. Some old and established residents only clubs, where you´ll find not much going on, as of course they´re not about pleasing anybody and not really interested in providing a great club. Few selections of outdoor, a couple of good ones and a bit of hash and iceolator is the best these “old school” players want to do, just happy having a little club to enjoy some company and a little smoke and sangria with some local live jams and all sorts privately. This is really how it should be done. For them tourists are rarely accepted. If you truly make a friend who likes you and is a member then… your in. Really this is a great experience, make some friends etc… but don´t expect anything special, no Cali, no selection, quality all over the place, etc..

Cannabis club in Los Cristianos

Are Tourists allowed in the Weed Clubs in Los Cristianos, Tenerife?

Which leads us to the Cannabis clubs that do take tourists. Roughly 10 of the 16 Weed Coffee Shops in Los Cristianos that will accept residents and tourists alike. Most charge 20€ to join their respective memberships valid for 1 year or more. Some provide a special variety and quality as well as service, some are just standard. But at a quick glance every club sounds fantastic and the all the reviews say “this is the best club in the world.” They all charge the same, so how is anyone to truly know if any club is a good club or not.

We represent Cloud9beyond in Tenerife, we are residents here in Tenerife and we manage this website along with our Cloud9beyond_tenerife Instagram page and facebook – Cloud9beyond and YouTube – Weed Tenerife. So you can really on us keeping you truly up to date.

Some of the Names of the Clubs we are not permitted to disclose due to the privacy nature and the different clubs rules and operations – must be adhered to. Never the less, we´ll give it a damn good go. The revolution goes on. We narrow it down…

Top 5 best Weed Coffee Shops / Cannabis Social Clubs in Los Cristianos, Tenerife.

In 5th place

Buena Vida Cannabis Social Club in Los Cristianos, Tenerife

Buena Vida cannabis club, Los Cristianos

Opened about 1 year now – these lovely British chaps… will chill, and have a spliff with you and a good waffle, very pleasant people. The environment is fresh and clean, little bit on the small side with a pool table 1€. These new players are starting right from scratch, they´re doing their best to grow their own herb with a lovely gentleman who has apparently 20 years growing experience. Nothing but organic produce here, even down to the papers and filters provided free, part of the membership in all the clubs, difference being this club provides hemp papers and organic filters for you to use instead. But unfortunately it´s a little late and just not good enough when it comes to proving what the patience require when we pay to join a cannabis club in Tenerife. Selection of generally just 10 flowers – quality alright – and 2 selections of hashish only. Unfortunately in Los Cristianos 3 other clubs in this top 5 list also grow with “super soil” – a blend of nothing else but fruit, vegetables and natural organic soil to make a “super soil mix to plant your weed in, – so the organic factor of this clubs’ ethos is not all it will need, to be a great club. Anyway early days.

In 4th place

Dr Green Spot csc in Los Cristianos, Tenerife.

Open about 1 year now. This “spot” is pretty cool, nothing bad to say here really, nothing too special here either, average club, owners and staff and lovely enough, the selection of herb is not great is ok though still. Herb quality is pretty good actually, prices could be better. The environment is not too big but smart enough, small selection of drinks and snacks and herb.

In 3rd place

(red eyes) Ojos Rojos csc, Playa Las Vistas, Tenerife

Opened about 5 years ago now by a lovely Italian couple who too grow their own unique selection of flower organically. Not quite excellent quality but very good still, selection of about 20 different flowers, selection of several different hashish´s all made from their own produce, themselves, Iceolator coming out your ears, he has so much rosin sometimes he has to throw some away as it goes “off”. The people are passionate and extremely knowledgeable.

The club is small but very cosy with an amazing season view insude and on the small balcony, right on the beach. Very strict on who they let in the door. we are exclusively the only people that can get you in this club, message us if you want us to arrange an invitation for this club. Need an invitation? Click Here

In 2nd place

High Time Coffee Shop, Los Cristianos, Tenerife

Cannabis club in Los Cristianos

Open 7 years now, and 4 owners. In fierce close position with first place, it was and still is a tough decision, we have to re-evaluate these clubs weekly, and in the last 2 months the result has not changed. It all comes down to the most basic and No1 thing we are all truly here for, the weed! This club has a nice big environment with a large free pool table and a fantastic outdoor rooftop terrace right on the beach, over looking the sea, with 180 degree mountain and sea views. Was the best cannabis social club in Tenerife.

Menu selection fluctuates between 10-15 different selections including cali and extracts and iceolator and a few different hashish´s, edibles are really good with a great selection of all sorts of various delights including lovely cannabis ice-cream. Really nice environment, few staff are lovely, respect to the owner, but generally the staff could be a bit more attentive, nicer and more polite to their clients. But then again we´re in Spain and customer service does not exist, so who cares really. Need an invitation? Click Here

In 1st place

Gentlemans Smokers Club, Los Cristianos, Tenerife

The best in Los Cristianos. Opened just 6 months ago The Italian owners that have been living on this island for more that 10 years, started their success 5 years ago by opening a grow shop! Well established grow shop now. The owners had a vision right from the start… Again, all organically grown with “super soil,” they have a menu to die for, absolutely everything is top quality with a selection of minimum 30 different flowers to choose from, only 1 selection of outdoor grown – is also very good, otherwise everything else is professionally grown indoors by the club. Everything there, with several selections of Cali, Rosin, wax, iceolator, hashish, edibles: Chocolate joints, gummy bears and budtella chocolate spread. The club is pretty large on both levels, yes based on 2 levels, upstairs just as big as downstairs, where they have pool table and table football, (50c) a dart board, as well as an area specially for gamer´s with a playstation setup with a few of the latest most popular games. This club is the best Cannabis Social Club in Los Cristianos, Tenerife as it stands today. 12/09/2020. Need an invitation? Click Here

Enjoy the day! Everyday!

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