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Only the best cannabis social clubs will do! We work FOR the people and WITH the weed clubs in order to connect you to the best, reputable social clubs in your area. We are independent, and have an unbiased opinion. We’ll invite you as resident members to enjoy the cannabis clubs in your area to consume good quality herb, safely. At the same time we’ll help you to avoid the expensive tourist traps, there are many, it’s not wise to trust street promoters, some clubs don’t have a license or just have bad quality herb.

Take a look at our Blogs page for more on how it works in Spain, or choose a club and book yourself in, you´ll be sent an invitation immediately to your email. We also do fantastic, value for money Cannabis Club Packs & Weed Tours including “Sunset Sailing” Weed Tour and Club Sailing Packs… Great savings to be made on our “Weed Tours” page… and more on it´s way. Take a look around as we add more fun events and Weed Activities regularly. Glad to have you with us… enjoy!

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Don´t be left stranded with no herb. This is our job - since 2017 we have been helping cannabis users access the best, reputable Cannabis Clubs & Weed Tours in Tenerife. With our hotline number at the bottom of our website you can´t go wrong, real people dedicated to you!

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